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The StarShine Academy Guiding Principles are the foundation of everything we do, teach and stand for at StarShine Academy. Living the Principles demonstrates the best understanding of them, and is a requirement for all affiliated with the school.
  1. Every person born is unique and perfect and on their own road to discovering their dreams and highest calling.
  2. We are on the planet to help one another toward achieving individual goals for the Greater Good of All.
  3. We each do the best that we can on each day, depending on what we know and understand, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy.
  4. Music is the first language.
  5. Beautiful, safe environments that are clean and include art, music and nature inspire creativity and help to secure man’s sustainability.
  6. Teaching and learning gardening is a necessary part of becoming one with nature and the environment and is a means for personal health and community building.
  7. Celebrating local culture and global diversity allows for a rich life.
  8. Practice Connect versus Convince; Exercise Compassion versus Judgment, Love versus Fear.
  9. Individuals practice being ambassadors for their own country as well as a country other than their own.
  10. Co-learning demonstrates that every person is a teacher and every teacher is a student.
  11. Financial literacy fosters hope, belief and abundance as it facilitates a wise use of assets.
  12. Partnering and mentoring fosters interdependence toward building common ground, as in “the world agrees on time so everyone can communicate.”
  13. Holistic explains that each event reinforces all. The pursuit of success and happiness, both individually and collectively, must include body, mind, spirit, health and wealth.
  14. Leveraging technology facilitates connecting people; personal contact is vital.
  15. World peace is a result of individual peace.

At STARSHINE, we use a diverse approach to inspire and educate children:

Our Peace Work helps students to understand how to live in a more peaceful and powerful way through personal integrity and accountability. StarShine teaches positive negotiation techniques. Each year StarShine celebrates the 11 Days of Peace and Sustainability as well as the International Day of Peace. Also, the United Nations Millennium Goals, along with our partnership with Arizona Department of Peace, supplies us with guidance and support for goal setting and teaching our students about creating peace in our own communities and the wider world.

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At StarShine, each student is an ambassador to another country. Since StarShine’s inception we have had a focus on International Studies as well as global issues. We have invited international visitors including foreign dignitaries and ambassadors, business leaders and entrepreneurs, peace workers, and students. We have enjoyed visitors from as far away as Cyprus, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Ukraine, China, and the list goes on. We are proud to announce that we have recently joined Oprah Winfrey’s O Ambassadors program.

StarShine's garden provides hands-on experience in environmental science. This ‘living laboratory’ teaches students about social concepts such as bio-sustainable living and provides a sense of accomplishment through community cooperation. We teach about soil amendment, composting, and organic pest control. Providing access to a garden in an urban environment benefits the community in many ways. The garden also teaches team work and respect.

StarShine's curriculum leverages the power of technology. We provide personalized Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s) that incorporate a student’s dream job as well as the requirements needed for graduation. By using computer-based learning platforms for each student and powerful tools for teachers to meet tough standards and measure progress, high school students in particular can work at their own pace to achieve their goals. Younger students benefit from the ILP and computer-based learning as well. StarShine also uses digital storytelling to incorporate technology into the classroom.

Every StarShine student learns about economics and financial management starting in kindergarten. Using books and games developed by Rich Dad, Poor Dad, students are taught to be financially literate and given powerful tools in order to succeed. In addition to these tools, all high school students participate in business internships to help them develop real-world skills.



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