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Patricia McCarty


Patricia McCarty

President, CEO

Patricia McCarty has built several successful companies based on creating long-term relationships with customers. She relies on her strong corporate and banking background at AT&T, Mellon, and Norwest to infuse companies with a "keep it simple" philosophy and an attitude of teamwork and accountability.

In 2000, acting on her belief that every person deserves to be educated with the best resources available, McCarty formed Education Resources to address increasingly complex and critical problems in the education market. She created joint ventures to produce proprietary educational solutions for individuals, companies, government and schools. Partners included Gateway, Learning Station, MBNA, Insight Learning, Cox Communications and the State of Arizona.

In 2002, Mrs. McCarty opened a k-12 school for high-risk, inner-city Phoenix children to prove that with the right help, all children learn to reach for the stars, so she named the Community Learning Center: StarShine Academy In Sept. 2004, the academy hosted an international event for Peace with the United Nations Children Organization. The school has produced statistics that proved her hunch was right. Her design for StarShine's program was inspired by her work as a consultant for Arizona government's "Students First" initiative in 2001, which led a statewide effort to provide access to technology and educational software to all children. Her goals for the academy were developed as a result of her daughter's experience at an American boarding school in the Czech Republic, where her daughter received an outstanding education. It became uncomfortably clear to Mrs. McCarty that the reason for receiving a wonderful education depends on whether or not a parent can afford it. She believes lack of education is the cause of the world's problems.

McCarty is a frequent guest speaker and has authored hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines. She has been featured in INC Magazine, the New York Times, Working Woman and several other publications. She has been recognized with awards including, Working Woman's Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, Los Angeles Music Humanitarian Award, Arizona Interfaith Golden Rule Award for Education and named one of the Top 100 Women of Arizona of 2000. Considered an expert in strategic partnering, she was honored by an invitation to collaborate with major universities in producing publisher, John Wiley's, The Internet Encyclopedia , which includes her contribution entitled, "Strategic Alliances in the E-commerce".

As a child in Frankfurt, Tokyo and Colorado, international efforts and diversity are a constant focus for McCarty. Her philanthropic efforts are driven by her passion to end the disparity in education caused by the lack of financial ability. Her belief in the unique contributions each person brings to community sustainability is proven by her work.




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