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StarShine Academy is a K-12 Charter School that is recognized as an innovator in education. We are dedicated to revamping education and shaping our teaching techniques, so that each student is given the best opportunity to learn. At StarShine we do not just build great students, we build great people. StarShine is dedicated to preparing each child for success and this is done through a combination of outstanding teaching, compassion, understanding and the ability to recognize that each child has specialized needs that pertain to their learning style. At StarShine we believe that Self-Empowerment along with Self-Discipline is essential to success. Through our efforts StarShine has been nationally and internationally accredited, along with having the distinct honor of being recognized by the United Nations as a school for peace.

StarShine Academy is currently looking for highly qualified, dignified and energetic, elementary and high school teachers, particularly in Reading, Science and Math and volunteer assistant teachers. Teachers at StarShine Academy are passionate individuals who are dedicated to helping every child find their talent to grow into a peaceful, productive, and successful person, while at the same time igniting a student’s passion to learn. If you are interested in being part of this amazing program that is changing education then please contact us here.

Starshine Academy

3535 East McDowell Road
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