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StarShine Academy has International Goals

The founders and board of STARSHINE ACADEMY have always believed that the best approaches to learning are universal, equally at home in the wealthiest neighborhoods of developed countries and the poorest neighborhoods of developing countries. Since the beginning, STARSHINE ACADEMY has promoted international awareness through its Ambassador program, and has worked closely with the United Nations on a number of initiatives including the Children's Peace Art Competition and the Millennium Goals Program. For several years STARSHINE ACADEMY has had a school in Sudan (now South Sudan). Two years ago STARSHINE ACADEMY leaders executed what we believe to be the largest teacher training event ever held in Africa, with approximately 800 teachers and school administrators going through a three-day StarShine Bootcamp. STARSHINE ACADEMY has also conducted a smaller teacher training event in the U.K. and offers Web-based training sessions around the world. STARSHINE ACADEMY leaders have been invited to prestigious conferences at Stanford University and in Shanghai, China. STARSHINE ACADEMY regularly hosts visits from many countries. In 2011, for example, in partnership with Thunderbird School of Global Management we hosted two different groups of Afghan visitors: in the spring, a group of women entrepreneurs and in the fall, the owners and managers of broadcasting stations and media companies from across Afghanistan.

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StarShine Ambassadors at play

Liberian teacher posing for photograph at registration for training

Visiting women entrepreneurs from Afghanistan

StarShine leaders preparing for training at an English castle

StarShine students with Sowie, our iconic Sower of Dreams

Joyful StarShine students at graduation


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